My Advent Calendar for You

Hi sweet friends, december is here and I hope you are plenty of  blessings and peace. Spirit of Christmas is now in the air and I wish you a wonderful Holiday time.

On December, 1st I'm going to begin my Advent Calendar for you, and hope you will enjoy with all the siggies I will offer here until december 25th. . 

Please remeber if you want one of them, you have to write me daily HERE  for request each siggie and let me know your name. You may not request siggies for other days in advance. So I can give a chance to other people to request them too. 

This year I will offer only 3 free siggies a day.

Please include: 

Name for siggies:
 Product you want to purchase:
Pay Pal e-mail: 
Mail for delivery:
Comments: (All the questions you want to do, if you have any)

NO Limit of number of members in the Always List.

Big Hugs

 Advent Gifts

Day 1

3/3 Goes to: Debbie, Inger, Vix

Day 2

3/3 Goes to: Inger, Joanne, Melody

Day 3

3/3 Goes to: Inge, Inger, Melody

Day 4

3/3 Goes to: Inger, Bella, Eunice

Day 5

3/3 goes to: Melody, Eunice, Euri

Day 6

3/3 goes to: Joanne, Melody, Inge

Day 7

3/3 goes to: Inger, Inge, Bella

  Credits tubes: All the tubes I use in all my siggies comes from my memberships and tube sets I purchased you could see the links HERE.